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Predictive Dialer Features Simple. Affordable. Effective


Auto Dialer: Automated dialing software that can reach people by phone or by voice mail with personalized messages.   

Predictive Dialer: Includes predictive, progressive,  Automatically hands you only the calls answered by a live person; skips 

or leaves messages on machines

Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation 

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Introducing the faster, Cloud easier interface


Powerful and Yet Easy-to-Use

Customize and automate phone calls for any of your needs. Leads On Call Auto Dialer is your simple solution to outbound sales, telemarketing, and smart dialing.

 Simultaneous Calls

You can send thousands of simultaneous phone calls from a single computer, and view real-time results.

Easy Excel Spreadsheet List

Use an easy spreadsheet to create call lists. Get easy to read results in real-time.


 How Does the Auto Dialer Work?

Upload Contacts, Record Message, Start!

Leads On Call Autodialer software delivers personal calls or leave answering machine messages in your own voice or a computer-generated voice. For press-1 campaigns, our auto dialer software also collects touch-tone responses or speech commands to connect calls to agents, automatically opt-out, confirm and much more.

Starting an auto dialing campaign is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • 1 Select or Import List.

Choose your contact list from the built-in CRM or import any .csv file.

  • 2 Select Message.

Select a text to speech message, ivr app, press 1 message, or pre-recorded audio file.

  • 3 Click Start.

The auto dialer will begin to dial your contact list and can make simultaneous calls.

Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation 

Call (888) 550-3961

Predictive Dialer Features

Simple. Affordable. Effective.

 Maximize your company’s time, contacts, leads and resources with the Leads On Call Predictive Dialer. To get started, effortlessly upload your contacts, log in and just like that the Leads On Call Dialer will connect your representative with live contacts.

Great for sales and collections by allowing every live party that answers the phone to be connected to your representative. This method does not give the answering party the option to press 1 to connect or to hang up without speaking to your representative first. This generates a massive amount of live contacts. The Predictive dialer also allows you to leave pre-recorded messages, which you have created for your company’s specific needs, on an answering machine.  A Predictive dialer will automatically dial batches of telephone numbers and connect live calls to your agents.

 Easy Setup

No custom hardware. Simply upload your contact files, login and start closing calls.

Maximum Productivity

You can dial up to 1000+ lines simultaneously to keep your representatives productivity maximized.

Message Options

Leave a prerecorded message on Voice Mails or use Answering Machine Detection (AMD) to bypass answering machines altogether

Transfer Calls

System can transfer a call in real time  

Live Party Connects

This integrated product is designed to deliver maximum value and rapid return on your investment. In fact, our clients have experienced dramatic increases in efficiency, customer satisfaction, market share, and revenues since deploying our predictive dialing software. Numbers are dialed at the appropriate pace and calls are transferred to agents only when a live person has answered. Call volumes are increased, productivity is enhanced, and the time your agents spend promoting your products and services to potential customers is greater than ever before!

The predictive dialer will make lots of live contacts, but if you have accounts you want to work without exhausting any more manpower, you can always deploy the voice broadcast dialer to maximize your sales/collection staff productivity.  We also have a program for the inbound blend that allows the agents on the predictive dialer to field all the callbacks from the people that press the transfer key on the voice broadcast dialer. Can your dialer company do all this for you?

Eliminate wasted time with automated call attendants, receptionists, voicemails and gatekeepers. Instead keep selling, closing and collecting while your productivity increases 300% to 500%. Avoid burnout and wasted time by automating the mundane processes of dialing, busy signals, no answers and wrong numbers. Let Leads On Call do your dialing for you and keep the call records and reports on every call made.

You should try our telemarketing auto dialer program NOW. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best predictive dialer available. You will be completely satisfied with the results of our autodialers.

If your current telemarketing auto dialer isn’t working for your business the way Leads On Call would, you should check out our auto dialer system instead. We make it easy for your representatives to connect with a wide variety of prospective customers. Ours is the best predictive dialer because it does not allow contacts to hang-up their phones before they have spoken to your operators. Additionally, it is appropriate for companies that operate in many different industries. If you are interested in testing our telemarketing auto dialer system before you pay for it,

Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation Call (888) 550-3961

We pride ourselves on your complete satisfaction with our autodialers.


Easy controls & design

All in one solutions

Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation Call (888) 550-3961


Top class dialer service  Quick Setup

  • My company has saved thousands of dollars a month by switching to Leads On Call Dialers.  I have been spending thousands of dollars a month on other dialer systems. Some of the dialer would have lots of hidden fees. With Leads On Call’s pay as you go there are no surprise at the end of the month.”
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