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Email Marketing Software

Send and Track Emails

Ideal for opt-in email marketing, newsletter publishing, event management, customer communication and email notifications. With one click, send an unlimited number of personalized emails and automatically track if and when your mail is opened, handle bounced emails and manage un-subscribe requests. You can send both simple text emails, or color- and photograph-rich HTML email.

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Email Marketing Software Key Features

Robust Email Marketing Features

  • Cloud Base No software to load
  • Works right from your PC or Mac
  • Unlimited email list size, unlimited personalization
  • Works with your ISP or hosting company or use built-in email (SMTP) server
  • Easy import or copy-paste email lists
  • View personalized message before sending
  • Works with any of your favorite text/HTML editors
  • Can send out emails through multiple email servers simultaneously
  • Send text as well as HTML emails
  • Automatically handles bounced emails and unsubscribe requests
  • Can track if emails are opened

Easy to Use

Blast out messages in 3 simple steps

Email marketing system will send the messages, identify any bounced emails (emails that were undeliverable for any reason), and process any requests to unsubscribe to your opt-in list. If you’re sending HTML email and have a website, you will be able to see what percentage of your bulk emails were actually opened, or even if a particular email was opened by the recipient.

1. Create or import an email list

Simply import a csv file of email addresses or input directly into the software program.

2. Design The Message

Write an email and identify the custom, personalized parts, e.g., name, product or service name, etc.

3. Click “Send Now”

Or use the built-in calendar to schedule when you want the message sent. That’s it

Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation
Call (888) 550-396

At Leads On Call, we help you define a clear email marketing strategy to a targeted base with intelligent content. Here is why implementing email marketing can take your business to the next level:

  • It is cost-effective and when done strategically, it reaches your targeted audience
  • The effort to send one or 10,000 email is nearly the same
  • You can personalize emails by having the customer’s name in a welcome message
  • It increases brand awareness and is easily shareable
  • You can target and segment your messages for specific audience
  • Emails can be used to detect customers on other channels
  • 95% of online consumers have an email address

Be careful, a simple email is not enough! It is very important to have an effective email marketing strategy. It helps you market your products and services to a global network with increased chances of boosting your profit, widening your global reach and achieving your business goals.

Here at Leads On Call, we can advise you on how to make your email marketing process simple and cost-effective. With a modern approach, we can put also life back to your old email marketing program. We want best for our customers and we will guide you to make sure that your business is benefiting from email marketing.

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