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Communication Under Control

 We offer businesses the communications advantage of a “Fortune 500″ at a fraction of the cost over traditional phone systems. We enable our customer to release themselves them from the expensive, obsolete, and inadequate telephone lines and moving their voice communications into the 21st Century through state-of-the-art high speed data connectivity.

PrismPBX is a fully hosted state-of-the-art telephone system.  You can combine multiple locations or simply connect remote personnel into a single, unified communications platform.  Our fully hosted system is not tied to our client’s physical location and is not disrupted by local power or internet interruptions. Forget the worry of disaster planning or data loss, with Lightspeed, all of your voice communications are powered 100% by Cisco Systems networking equipment in multiple geographically-dispersed, fully redundant datacenters.

PrismPBX is more than just a phone system; it is a fully-featured management tool which gives you full control over all of your voice communications. With the Lightspeed PrismPBX, you have Everything Under Control.


Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation Call (888) 550-3961


Control Cost

  • The PrismPBX provides a comparitive initial cost savings of up to 90% from traditional phone systems, and a monthly savings of up to 50% or more.  The PrismPBX also includes a full suite of telephone features at no additional charge.  Unlike our competition, we do not nickel and dime our customers, and do not offer tiered service levels.  Features that our competitors would consider “premium”, such as queuing, advanced reporting, call recording, virtual faxing, and toll free service are included for no additional charge.
  • With flat-rate billing, you can enjoy a metered price, guaranteed for life.  All service costs and fees are built into the monthly cost, allowing you to budget your monthly expense quickly and easily.  We guarantee that you will recieve no surprise bills from Lightspeed Voice.
    • Enjoy flat rate billing with a full featured system
    • Taxes and fees are included in flat rate subscription (if applicable)
    • Eliminate long distance fees
  • No equipment maintenance cost means nothing to break or become out-of-date.  The servers are our responsibility, and you never have to worry about upgrades, license keys, line cards… or anything for that matter.
    • Eliminate the uncertainty that results from equipment failure and replacement
    • Save money and space by eliminating the bulky and unsightly wired phone system hub
  • No costly service calls.  The Lightspeed Voice team is more than happy to make adjustments, large or small, to your system for no additional charge.
    • Web-based management tool allows user to check system status and manage the system without expensive and time-delayed service calls
    • Free support for the life of our relationship.  Not just 30 days, like some competitors

Enhance Client Response

  • Full integration with eAgent and Sunrise CRM software ensures that you have a seamless database and communications system
  • Call Detail Reporting provides a digital paper trail for client service and audit purposes. Reports are easy to read, graphical, intuitive, and can be run by individual agent or group/team for a single day or any range of dates
  • Easily customized On Hold audio gives you control of your clients’ experience
    • Upload your own personalized on hold music. Easy to adjust music based on season or changes in your clients’ preferences
    • Record your own commercials and upload them with the click of a button. Ensure that your commercials are up-to-date and responsive to changes in your marketplace
    • Experiment with various musical styles and commercial formats to determine what works best for you

Mitigate Risk

  • Create recordings automatically, or on the fly during a live conversation.
    • Create audio recording for quality assurance, risk management, compliance, and archiving purposes
    • Initiate recording in advance or on-the-fly
    • High Quality digital audio allows for easy storage, quick retrieval, and sharing through email or file sharing
    • Say goodbye to costly and potentially litigious “He Said, She Said” conversations
  • Listen, Whisper, or Spy to active calls, ensuring top customer service and satisfaction.
    • Listen – Act as a silent 3rd party to ensure quality service
    • Whisper – Coach new or existing employees without making the client feel uncomfortable or intimidated
    • Whisper – Prompt employees without distracting the client or interrupting the dynamics of the call
    • Spy – Step outside of the training environment and manage “real-world” employee behavior and monitor quality of service

Improve Human Resources

  • Live monitoring of entire system puts you in charge of your employees from anywhere in the world.
    • See who is Talking
    • Hear what are they talking about
    • Know when are they talking
    • Know long are they talking
  • Tracking calls by day, time, month, and year provides you with the most accurate call statistics
  • Track performance by individual or group to see which human assets are performing at their peak
  • Improved scheduling based on objective data gives you and your employees the flexibility to work smarter
  • Employees can customize their individual settings to ensure employee and client satisfaction
  • Maximize inter-office communication and minimize distraction with instant message feature
  • Access Level Control, puts your employees in control of the features that they need without providing access to those features that they do not
    • Only give employees access to the systems that they need, prevent users from spying on others, or allow managers full control.  It’s your choice.

Centralize Multiple Locations

  • Integrate multiple locations into the same phone system. Your employees can be “in the office” no matter where they are located
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Give your clients a “local” phone number by selecting phone numbers from multiple area codes
  • Get out of the office and still be fully in touch with your clients
  • Seamlessly integrates with your mobile phone
  • Take your office home or on the road without any reduction in quality, service or features
  • Transfer Calls or use Intercom features from across the room or around the world
  • Monitor calls no matter where you or your employee is physical located

Unlimited Features

  • More than 40 Premium Calling Features included
  • Manage system-wide features from anywhere in the world with web-based management tool
  • Stay on task while your clients are on hold
  • Upload any audio file from anywhere in the world to provide entertaining music or effective audio commercial to your valuable clientele

Prevent Interruptions

  • No missed calls. Automatic failover ensures that you are available even when your power or internet services are not
  • Automatic failover instantly delivers landline calls to your mobile phone or a group of phones in the event of a utility disruption
  • No human intervention is required – once an outage is detected by the system, the calls are redirected automatically
  • Failover system will hunt to find a working line from a pre-set list or can be set to ring all potential lines simultaneously to ensure that you are connected
  • Failover system will automatically detect internet or power resumption and automatically restore landlines
  • Off site hosting eliminates downtime due to power failure, internet outage, or natural disaster
  • Off site hosting provides multiple redundant systems to ensure that power and internet disruptions do not interrupt your business

Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation Call (888) 550-3961

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