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Auto Attendant System Built for Business

No equipment to purchase no software to install this is a cloud-based system so it works anywhere from Mac or PC

Your Organization Should Be Leveraging an Auto Attendant No Matter What Size it is


Assuming your business receives a significant amount of traffic already, you may get an extra 2-5 hot leads per day, just by adding a toll-free number on your website / social media / business cards / flyers / etc. 

But even if you are getting 0 traffic because you’re just getting started… You can use the draw of the toll-free number to make $$$.

Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation Call (888) 550-3961


If you’re starting a business, imagine what a difference it will make in your business as you start to ramp up, if you have a “1-800” phone number vs. if you don’t have one. 

But even if you’ve never made a penny before in your life, DialCaller will get you callers, opportunities, and sales. 


Yes! In as little as 15 minutes from right now, you could be placing a test call to your own toll-free phone line. 


Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation Call (888) 550-3961

Keep reading to learn more…

  • You will be able to EASILY sell a caller who reaches out to you, especially since you have your own toll-free number that THEY called into
  • You will be able to EASILY upsell current clients when they call you to talk about your products or services, because they already have a good relationship with you
  • You will be able to EASILY make sure your customers stay with you & not leave for your competitors, by offering them over-the-phone support 
  • Referrals & Appointments
  • Testimonials & Reviews
  • Customer & Tech support
  • Purchases
  • Renewals
  • Voicemail-to-email feature
  • Re-routed calls to any landline or mobile number
  • And a lot more

You can use your toll-free number to accept…


DialCaller is a mobile- and tablet-friendly web app (works on PCs and Macs) that uses 3rd party servers (everything is hosted for you) to link your toll-free number to your business. 


More specifically, here is exactly what it does:

  • Custom Greetings, Call Forwarding & Voicemail – handle call flow however you like. 
  • Text-To-Speech –don’t want to upload your own custom greeting audio? Just type it in. 
  • Call Recording Functionality – can be enabled or disabled. 
  • Unlimited Extensions – you can have a corporate tree as big as you can imagine. 
  • Unlimited Mailboxes – have as many users as your business can handle. 
  • Unlimited Analytics – track call flow data and see which times are your busiest. 
  • 1-Year or 3-Year Hosting & Support – you’re fully covered by our trained staff team. 
  • Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked (details below). 

Amber J.: 

“I’m not used to having so many inbound leads. After I got DialCaller, I started getting at least 3 calls a day from prospective clients asking if I’m available for hire. On a good day, I’ll get 7 or 8 calls so now I get to be very picky about who I choose to work with.”

Sebastian O.:

“We wanted a 1-800 number but we didn’t have thousands of dollars. DialCaller was the perfect budget-conscious solution.” 

Destiny M.: 

“I’m a marketing manager and I can’t believe we haven’t thought of getting a toll-free phone number until now! We now get 18% more call-ins than before. This means more sales for us, plus better customer service for our clients.”

Bill A.:

“Our sales team is very excited to work new prospects that come from our Contact Us page. But up until now, we didn’t have a toll-free phone number. We’ve used DialCaller for almost 3 months now and it’s worked flawlessly. We actually had our very first inbound lead within 45 minutes of adding our new DialCaller number to our home page.”

Stephanie S.:

“I closed a $12,000 deal off an inbound call. Without DialCaller, this never would’ve happened.”

Contact our sales department for a DEMO to examine our interface. a free, no-obligation Call (888) 550-3961

OVER 1,000 CUSTOMERS LOVE DIALCALLER – Scroll through & see why:

Are you going to be our next success story?

The truth is… People instinctively trust companies that have a 24/7 toll-free number published:


Auto Attendant Phone System Virtual Phone Numbers. Built for Business




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