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Manual dialing is grossly inefficient.

Leads On Call’s phone dialer and outbound cloud solution

Reach up to 500% more contacts per hour with our super dialing platform. You’ll spend more time doing what makes you money
— speaking to real people

Close Deals Faster · Increase Contact Ratios · Accelerate Sales · Close More Leads

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Reach Your Contacts with Text Messaging

Who Uses Our Automated Text Message System?
Event marketers, Property managers,  Religious Organizations,  Restaurants,  Retail Outlet Stores,  Businesses.  Social Group, Schools,  and Universities.

This Will Change The Way You Do Business

We assist businesses in getting quality new customers everyday by using our on demand lead generating platform. Call now (770) 744-5114 to have a brief conversation with us and We’ll show you how to start making your phone ring immediately with customers that need your service. We guarantee this will change the way you do business in the future.



By launching a variety of marketing campaigns, Leads on Call generates the customer inquiries and screens the calls with custom qualifying questions that you chose for dozens of popular markets and verticals.

Targeted List Data

Reach your ideal audience with a TARGETED DATA LIST Save time and money by connecting with the right people, the first time.

Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialing is Robust technology that maximizes the efficiency of any contact center operation. By eliminated the time your reps waste dialing, on hold, and answering machines you can ensure the most amount of decision maker touches.

Lead Routing

You are no longer restricted to routing leads only by email or web forms. With Leads on Call lead routing you can actively manage and route live transfers in real time based on a variety of set parameters you control.

Real Time Leads

Real Time Leads are generated from a variety of web based or social media sources and can be targeted to local markets and are very effective. These semi-exclusive national or local prospects are delivered to you in real-time.

Text Messaging

Who Uses Our Automated Text Message System? Every day, groups and organizations across the country rely on us to serve their messaging needs, including: Event marketers, Property managers, Religious Organizations, Restaurants, Retail Outlet Stores, Businesses. Social Group, Schools, and Universities.

No volume commitments, no long term contracts, and competitive minute rates. That’s right, you can qualify, filter, and manage DNC on live transfers or simply route leads to various buyers or sources.